Bolangir District Information :

History of Balangir :

The Balangir District is situated in the Western part of Orissa. This District is also called as the Bolangir, and peoples believe that the name Bolangir come from the name of king Balaram Deo, the brother of Narasimha Deo the 12th Raja of Patna. Bolangir is the major town and District headquarters also. This town is one the commercial business center of Western Orissa. This district covering the area of 6575 sq. km. approximately. This district having 14 sub-divisions. The other major towns of the districts are Titilagarh and Patanagarh.

Culture of Bolangir :

Bolangir district is famous for rich culture of Tribal people and natural beauty. The Gandhamardan hill situated in the North-west part and the famous Mahanadi river give the farmer the rich cultivation opportunity.

Tourist Spots of Balangir :

Come and explore the unexplored tourist destinations of Balangir District like Harisankar, Chandra, Papakshya Ghat, Nabagraha Kunda and Ranipur Jharial. The Balangir people specially observed some famous festivals like Nuakhai, Bhaijiuntia and Puojiuntia. Other religious peoples also celebrated the famous festivals like Id-Ul-Fitre, Id-Ul-Juha and Muharram, Gandhi Jayanti, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Christmas Festivals and more.

Bhadrak District Information :

Bhadrak District became a new district of Orissa State on 1st April, 2003. The newly formed District is the separate part from the Balasore District. The headquarter of this district is Bhadrak Town. This Bhadrak name derives from the Goddess name Bhadrakali. This Bhadrak town is 159 k.m distance from the State capital city of Bhubaneswar. The Bhadrak district has covers the area of 2,677 k.m approximately. The Odiya or Oriya language is mostly spoken by the people of this area.

This beautiful district attracts tourist not only from Orissa or Odisha but also from entire Globe. Some of the famous tourist destinations like Aradi famous for Baba Akhandala Mani Temple, Maa Bhadrakali, Dhamrai Temple, Dhamra port and Chandbali port and beaches.

There are various cultural programs and festivals celebrated throughout the years. Take a glimpse of this beautiful land.
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